by Fleta Mathews

Even though “FEAR NOT” appears 365 times in the Bible, devout people of faith are often overcome by fear. In truth, there are many valid reasons to be afraid in this ungodly world in which we now live. Who of us has not at some time fainted in heart when we looked into the cold face of fear?

When my precious Mother was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer, she was only 60 years old. I, her youngest of 7, had just turned a very immature 21. Without warning, I was overwhelmed with shock, fear and grief! She went to Heaven just 6 short weeks later and I was left without my earthly stabilizing support.

Sometime just before her Homegoing, I wrote the following lines and read to them to her as she sat in her rocking chair at home. As I read, I cuddled in her lap as the child I still felt myself to be. Although I was considered quite grown up in many ways, I had
not ventured far from the nest…the safety and security of my mother, daddy, and older brothers. In His perfect love, our Lord used my simple poem to comfort her heart and to give me His faithful, unfailing grace for what was coming too soon.

I pray that our Heavenly Father will use these same words written in 1955 to encourage, comfort and strengthen you, too, as you cast all your cares on Him. His grace IS sufficient in every situation.

I have faced my fear of tomorrow…
Of what lies in the future for me,
For the Omnipotent Father who made me
Knows all that tomorrow will be.
He holds the world in the palm of His hand …
The moon and the stars are His own,
And I inherited the key to His kingdom
Through Christ who sits on the Throne.
He’s the strength of my life – my protector …
My unfailing companion is He.
He loves and protects the small sparrow,
And I know that He cares for me.
He’s near though I walk through the shadows,
Though I stumble and fall by the way …
His promise is that He’ll be with me
And banish each shadow away.
So I face tomorrow with faith – unafraid …
Secure in my Savior’s love.
And I will trust Him day by day
To protect my future above.